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Eduscation is a revolutionary online grievance handling mechanism system intended to diminish the frequency of complaints in professional colleges through on par tracking and active participation of our software to validate an instantaneous solution.

The online portal disperses necessary information based on the grievances that need immediate response followed by the resolution from the institution without any difficulties.

The Grievance Redressal Management System is the most commonplace to act on behalf of various grievances reported from time to time by different private and public institutions.

It would let them take care of the sprouting issues in private and public institutions using Grievance Redressal Software.

By suitable implementation in online Grievance redressal AICTE in affiliated colleges through which the council is also able to measure the performance of the institutions based on several factors.

Our GRM System allows the council to act accordingly after the institutions meet all the said standards and guidelines.

The Grievance redressal allows effective monitoring and submission of the online monthly status report based on the number of grievances obtained, disposed and even the pending the last day work of the previous month as already stated in council directive.

Eduscation: Online Grievance Redressal Mechanism System Key Benefits
  1. Online Grievance Redressal Mechanism System allows the authorities to snoop over the institute or stakeholder if they are found pretentious and misusing the services.
  2. Online Grievance redressal management system is ideal for colleges, institutions and organizations which is accessible, simple and transparent and designed while keeping in mind the Grievance redressal AICTE directives.
  3. The Grievance redressal software has 24x7 active monitoring support through the portal thus it would save the time of cell members and aggrieved people.
Salient Features of Online Grievance Redressal Management System

  1. Our GRM System is free from discrepancies yet stable across all browser platforms.
  2. Our Web-enabled cloud-based/on-premise Grievance redressal software assists administrators access remotely for making modifications, encapsulation data without any hassle.
  3. Our Web-enabled cloud-based/on-premise Grievance redressal software assists administrators access remotely for making modifications, encapsulation data without any hassle.
  4. An online Grievance redressal system that emphasizes registering and assimilating grievances in colleges as per new rule said in Grievance redressal AICTE directive made mandatory for institutions and organizations.
  5. The purpose of the GRM system addresses the Grievance redressal AICTE to be followed by affiliated colleges to comply with present guidelines for resolving all types of grievances in good time.
  6. Almost every complaint, grievances should mean tolerance in nature and at the same time offer assurance which needs to be addressed properly. Online Grievance redressal system help complaints to be addressed in time as well as in an efficient way.
  7. Our Grievance redressal software minimises the tool on resources and streamline the implementation processes through the proposed grievance redressal software that offers comprehensive grievance redressal management system.
  8. Additionally, our grievance redressal software provides updates on the status of the complaint. This is to ensure the complainer that their complaints have been registered as well as processed. And also complaints based on the genuinity of the complaints further action will be taken.