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There is certainly the need of an online grievance redressal system in any organization. It is to see that every part of the society as well as the employees have some sort of expectations which needs to be fulfilled by the organisation.

However due to many social, psychological factors employees often feel uncomfortable or disheartened about various decisions taking place or service conditions. For instance it is seen that employees have complaints against co-workers.

On the contrary employers are also seen making complaints against their employees. To eradicate such issues, organizations need to pay attention to these grievances and complaints.

An online grievance redressal system is a systematic approach to resolve employees dissatisfaction or feeling of discomfort in an organisation. This type of feeling may not be expressed to become a grievance.

A feeling rouses by imagining condition or felt by incorrect reasoning still known as a grievance if it expresses a feeling of discontentment or injustice to him/her.

What is a Grievance Management Software?

Online GRM software is a fully equipped portal for identifying and managing grievances. Grievance tracking system expediently is more complex than it seems.

However with the GRM software Student grievance redressal cell administrator can monitor, report, find stats and be proactive in staging the issues in the institution.

Therefore the process of grievance handling becomes more streamlined for the higher staff in the organisation. Also the grievances, complaints can be handled directly and prompt action can be taken quickly.

The Grievance Redressal Management Software is an online based portal that can be directly operated by the institute using their own websites.

Under new AICTE directives it is mandatory for every company, institution or organisation to open up a web portal by which grievances are lodged and action can be taken through the online platform.

Need For Online Grievance Redressal System AICTE Norms, Offering A Smart Web Portal or Grievance Tracking System To Receive And Dispose Of Grievances Online
  1. In line with the declaration made by the Human Resource Development Ministry in the year 2012, every single educational institution supposed to have an online grievance redressal system for effective grievance handling of students and faculty members.
  2. The AICTE has made clear that from February 20 for every affiliated institution to lay a distinct grievance redressal mechanism in place so as to ascertain every institution is able to receive and reimburse proper disposal of grievances online.
  3. In agreement with the new AICTE norms a grievance tracking system helps in achieving the objective laid out to education based institutions for speedy resolution of complaints.
  4. Educational based institutions now have Student grievance redressal cell to look for all types of grievances, complaints particularly as regard to those obtained from students, faculty and several other stakeholders.

At Eduscation, We conceived and developed a full stacked Online grievance redressal system in school, colleges and universities in the most cost effective way.

In view of the foregoing task of establishing an effective GRM system, complaints, grievances and feedback from students and other faculty members can be easily addressed and present timely aid to unhappy students, teachers, parents in the institutions.