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Feedback is a robust tool to gain refinement in teaching and learning. It constitutes a part and parcel of every teacher’s practise and when utilized in practical terms can enhance student learning. As teachers and school, it’s fundamental to grasp what evidenced-based feedback if we want to decrypt the maximum benefits for the students. Hence what does the research tell us about feedback in teaching? Feedback is a continuing process of setting objectives, obtaining evidence regarding student learning and offering instruction that clearly demonstrates the following measures to improve efficiency. Feedback can be provided by the one teacher, peers, or the student themselves.

Students and teachers have to be clear concerning learning goals and what success seems. Goals have to be adequately challenging so the students might actually work and grow. Evidence brings jointly concerning students knowledge, skills and performance with respect to the learning goals and tasks. But how do the learners get there? This represents clarifying the steps the student has to adapt to carry out the learning goals. Where necessary, the teacher accommodates changes in the teaching and learning activities to fulfil the learner's demands. Feedback is instantly related to the learning task, which is beneficial. On the other hand, an online feedback system represents the tasks needed to comprehend how students self-organize themselves and make learning more powerful.

The benefits of an online feedback system provide a powerful approach in improving teacher practice and substantially, strengthening student growth. The tools can seamlessly integrated into the online learning platform, online admission system, online exam system, Grievance redressal system to improve the feedback practices.