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There are many advantages of an online GRM system but let's first understand the basics of Grievance Redressal portal.

This is a mechanism for online registration as well as disposal of grievances that allows a complainer to communicate feelings by starting and pursuing the grievance procedure in the light of the standards and norms of any institution.

The great advantage of this portal addresses the challenge to inhibit unethical activities occurring at a stretch in higher education institutions and offering them a strong mechanism with regard to redressal of the grievances.

Adding to this assist the grievance cell member in order to enquire as well as review grievance in a form carefully yet confidential manner.

Advantages of Online Grievance Redressal System?
  1. By means of one robust Grievance Redressal Software into place, each and every technical and management institution within the country would have to ensure better accountability, response capability as well as fair practice.
  2. In view of the fact that the system underlaid a range of strong frameworks to precisely take down the feedback on the administration’s performance, by doing so it helps assess the capability of institutes by means of higher authorities.
  3. The online Grievance Redressal advantage over conventional complaint registering method as it turns out more simplified in addition provides an opportunity with a methodical approach in tackling the problems moreover catching sight of different concerning solutions.
  4. By means of said online GRS, so many grievances with reference to attendance, admission, examination, teaching, evaluation with the following conditions and provisions, invasion of privacy amongst others academic together with non-academic matters might be tackled.
  5. The key benefit hereof is that the online portal addresses the challenges and prevents misleading practices within organizations, educational institutions at the same time offering a capable mechanism to address grievances and complaints. Furthermore, it would help the grievance cell member toward inquiring and investigating based on the complaints received which then kept strictly a secret as well as transparent.
  6. There are many other advantages of online GRM such as providing security and developing a sense of confidence to the person who is victimized. Also, the use of such a grievance redressal system will help them lodge complaints without the fear of being harnessed or bullying.
  7. Offering speedy and round-the-clock monitoring of complaints and provide resolution in the fastest way. Online GRM is an effective way to resolve internal disputes in the organisation and better as compared to the paper-based complaint system