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The most secured e-classroom platform for schools, colleges, universities & tutorial centres

You can run all the academic activities like taking Online Classes, Offline Classes, sharing Notes & Study materials, Audios, Videos, giving Assignments, Question and Answers, MCQ tests and many more..., Presently, our online learning management system offers online classes to the increasing number of educational institutes who have begun to rely on web technology for online learning, online admission, online exam, online feedback system. One Single platform replacing Whatsapp, any E-classroom platform and integrated with Microsoft Team, Google Talk, Zoom for Online Classes.


Study Anytime Anywhere On A Go
Strong User management module.
Easy generation of customizable reports.
Data backup on regular intervals.
Responsive design, works perfectly on mobiles, tabs & laptops.
SMS and Email notification to the Students, Teachers & Admin.
Compatible with all modern browsers available in the market.
Integrable with any Payment Gateway.
Developed in open source.


Checkout Our amazing working Process


  • Study Materials (Documents, Audio, Video)

    Prepare & Upload Study Materials (Documents-Files of any format, Audio, Video)
  • Quiz / MCQ Tests

    (Prepares Question Bank for students and allocate, supports images as
  • Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers (Prepares Questions and Answers for students)
  • Assignments

    Assignments ( Uploads Assignments for students specifying timeline and checks assignment and upload)
  • Online & Offline Classes

    Teachers will schedule online classes, check feedback of the students after the class and upload the Online class video in Offline Class section for future viewing.
  • Blogs & Teacher Connect

    Teacher answers to all the questions asked by student about any Study material, Assignment, Classes and Question and Answers


  • Identity Management

    Creates and manages Users, Assign roles and rights, view user logs.
  • Review Study Contents & Tests

    Review the study contents uploaded (random check if there is any Copyright violation etc., quality of Study materials uploaded etc.), Tests undergone by students.
  • Search And Report Generation

    Uses search and reports to pull data and report to Management.
  • Notification Management

    Manages the contents of SMS & Email notifications, Send notifications to Teachers and students when required


  • Study Materials

    Reads and goes through Study Materials (Documents, Audio, Video), software keeps track of the study materials viewed by the student and generates reports.
  • Assignments

    ( Student downloads Assignments allotted for him/her, solves assignment and upload for the teacher to review)
  • Online & Offline Classes

    Students attends scheduled online classes by giving attendance, enter class summary within 1 hour of the class and goes through the Offline Class section reviewing the classes or viewing the missed classes.
  • Blogs & Teacher Connect

    Students can read Blogs posted by the teachers and also Students asks Question on any Study material, Assignment, Classes and Question and Answers and can view the answers given by the Teacher and can continue the discussion and the chat remains stored for future use.
  • Quiz / MCQ Tests

    Students undertake Quiz, tests for self assessment.
  • Questions & Answers

    Student reads the Questions and answers uploaded by Teacher.