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Eduscation purpose of developing an online grievance redressal management that is preferably approachable, straightforward, swift, fair, and ensures the privacy of the users.

Additionally, it turns out responsive, competent, accountable and useful for providing feedback to institute management with regard to systemic reform.

In view of this online grievance management system, is planned in compliance with AICTE norms, lies in the fact that addressing the grievances of students, parents along with others through optimal transparency and accuracy.

Online Grievance Redressal System has a distinct looking dashboard for a different category of users particularly as regards to student, admin and grievance cell members aids to sustain in confidence through the entire grievance procedure.

Grievance Redressal System At A Glance

Grievance Redressal System is a contrivance means to collect and induce grievances reported by concerned people of private or public institutions, allowing prompt acts on every problem brought up by the same and to avail services more efficiently. By setting up an online grievance redress mechanism in AICTE affiliated colleges, the council able to bear in mind the working of the institution shall ensure the institution suits, everyone, the necessary regulations.

This Grievance redressal system provides an opportunity for the active monitoring moreover submission by the one online monthly status report concerning the several grievances acquired, dispensed over towards ones outstanding on the last day of the month, in accordance with the council directive.

Online GRM - How it works
  1. The grievance redressal system working is simple to understand. This mechanism is helpful for solving the challenges confronted by different students, parents, teachers as well as other non-teaching staff at all events institutions or else organisations.
  2. It comprises a process of investigation whereby Grievance redressal cell enquire and investigate the nature and pattern of the grievances in a form strictly classified approach.
  3. This portal aims to provide the best possible transparency along with those rightful persons shall be involved in addressing the matter. The redressal proceedings bring justice has been underlined based on "the right to be heard and right to be treated without bias”.
  4. The Grievance redressal system comprising processes for registering, recording, as well as sorting grievances.
  5. Not just that Online GRM provides an assessment of grievances, referring grievances as far as an appropriate person, establishing a firm resolution process, making decisions, particularly with regard to different parameters for accurate and firm decision making, reporting complainants along with other affected persons of eligibility.

Hence the students, parents, teachers, staff are supposed to register in the online GRM portal and lodge their concerns after Admin verifies the grievance.

The duly filled grievance is then necessary to be made to submission under concerned Grievance redressal cell member will investigate and examine the grievance in favour of the resolution. Concluding report with reference to grievances made will address and it must be forwarded to the AICTE as directed.